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Download ClashX

Download ClashX (recommend) or ClashX Pro (include Enhanced Mode)
Open the downloaded dmg image file and add ClashX to your application folder.

Add Clash config subscription

Open ClashX, click the ClashX icon in the menu bar, and go to Config > Remote Config > Manage.

Go to our website

Under the "用户中心 (User Center)" page, you can find “便捷导入 (Convenient import)”.
Select "Clash 配置订阅 (Clash Config Subscription)" in “便捷导入 (Convenient import)”.
Click on "复制 Clash 配置订阅 (Copy Clash Config Subscription)" in the menu.

Back to Remote Configs window

Click "Add".
Paste the link in "Url"; "Config Name" can be left blank.

Once added, ClashX will automatically download the config file from the link, wait for the "Update Time" to refresh, and then close the window.

Set as system proxy

Click "Set as system proxy" in the ClashX menu and ClashX will start taking over system traffic.

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